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Carolina Crown Camp Fee

Carolina Crown Camp Fee. Refundable only if cancelled one week before start of camp date.

This fee pays for the member's housing, instruction, food, etc. for the Crown pre-season camps. The potential member must pay for ALL camps attended. It is EXPECTED that you attend all scheduled camps for your section.

If all six camps are attended in the pre-season, there will be a special credit of $200 issued on the date of move-ins.

See for a list of camp dates.


Carolina Crown March-A-Thon Opt-Out Fee

This is the required fee should you opt-out of supplying 30 filled March-A-Thon forms. 


CC Tuition

The full price of tuition for a new member of Carolina Crown is $2500.  To pay a portion of your tuition, please select your payment amount above. For more information regarding Tuition, please click here.


Spring Training Fee

The Spring Training Fee is $450, please select payment qty in $25 increments


Uniform Fee

The uniform fee is $350, please select the qty in $25 increments


Carolina Crown Member Sponsorship

Thank you for choosing to sponsor a member of Carolina Crown!

Carolina Crown was established in 1989 by a group of former drum corps members, business professionals and music educators that wanted to establish a world-class organization that would "develop lifelong excellence in young people through a superior and challenging performing arts education experience." The corps is currently comprised of over 150 musicians and dancers between the ages of 14 and 21. Our members come from nearly 27 states and 3 countries to perform with Crown. At the end of the audition process, nearly 500 students will have auditioned for the 15o performance spots that make the national touring company.

Each member is required to raise approximately $2,775.00 for tuition and touring fees. These fees cover all food, transportation and housing expenses during the three months of spring training and tour. It also includes uniforms, musical instruments, equipment, and months of detailed musical and movement instruction. 

Please note, donations made to individual members are not considered tax deductible.