Heavy Hitter Practice Pads

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Heavy Hitter Exactopad

Heavy Hitter Exactopad
The Heavy Hitter Exactopad is the perfect teaching tool for the player who is conscientious about stick angles and bead placement on the drum. Moveable rubber "rim shot" pads can be adjusted for different stick angles and also give the player the ability to perfect the placement of sticks on rim shots.


Heavy Hitter Marching Bass Practice Pad

Heavy Hitter Marching Bass Practice Pad
The Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Bass Pad features the original barbell design which mounts on a cymbal stand for vertical and quiet practice of the marching bass drum. The player can see stick angles‚ stick heights and side-to-side line up while practicing on a 14" wide set-up just like an actual marching bass drum. The Basspad offers sturdy steel construction‚ a mounting post designed to fit all brands of cymbal stands and 1/4" thick gum rubber pads for a realistic feel.


Heavy Hitter Quadropad (large)

Heavy Hitter Quadropad - large
The drum pads included on this set approximate the accurate playing areas of 6"‚ 10"‚ 12"‚ 13" and 14" inch drums‚ and are laid out accurately and cut for ALL playing areas‚ both standard and scrape.


Heavy Hitter Slim Pad

Heavy Hitter Slim Pad
The Heavy Hitter Slimpad features a "slim" 1/8" gum rubber pad on a 12" sturdy wooden base. The extra thin 1/8" gum rubber pad gives the player a more accurate feel of a high tensioned marching snare. It's the perfect size and weight to throw in a backpack for the drummer on the go.