Super Drillmaster (BLACK ONLY)

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Product Overview

Researched, developed, and performance-
tested by World Champion Drum Corps!

• Patented Rolled-HeelTM for corps style marching
• Unique Forefoot HingeTM for "toes up" and "ball of foot" flex
• Finest durable materials with lightweight, low mass construction
• Super-wide outsole with unique lateral support stabilizers
• Dance-shoe design shows off elegant foot articulation
• Self-locking lacing system keeps laces tied tight
• Extra eyelet for heel-lock lacing, holds the heel tightly in place
• Unique Achilles Tendon notch, athletic-grade plush ankle collar
• Full-shoe absorbent padding
• Super-cushy sock lining
• 100% Blister Proof Bliss
• Engineered tread pattern with super-stick sole compound
• Synthetic leather uppers for superior durability
• Latex-free, great for those with allergies
• Easy clean, just wipe with soap and water
• Available in Black only
• Made for both Men and Women

o Men’s Sizing: 3 – 16, Half Sizes 3-1/2 – 10-1/2, Wides 11 – 16
o Women’s Sizing: 5 – 18, Half Sizes 5-1/2 – 12-1/2, Wides 13 – 18