Yamaha 3.5 Octave Intermediate Acoustalon Xylophone, Used by Drum Corps. Height Adjustment needs replaced.

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Xylophone is stuck in top position, Will need repaired. Bars are and resonators in great shape!

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The Yamaha YXRD500F 3.5 Octave Acoustalon Multi-Frame II Xylophone features a two-position resonator slots system and 38.1 mm wide by 23mm thick size Acoustalon bars for consistent tone quality throughout the range of the instrument. Acoustalon is a synthetic material developed by Yamaha that is produced from fiberglass-reinforced plastic in a one-step manufacturing process to provide exceptional durability and a pure tone similar to rosewood. Acoustalon is a great option for schools with indoor and outdoor marching activities, stage-show pits, percussion solos, and percussion ensembles.
The Multi-Frame II frame features heavy-duty 6” casters allow for easy transport, then lock for stability during play. It also has 1.5” square pipes used for accessory bar provide non-slip shape for clamp to hold added components. These pipes are attached to front and both left and right sides of the system providing greater freedom in creating an easy-to-use percussion setup.
This instrument also features a gas shock height adjustment system that allows for easy, effortless adjustment.