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YCR-8335II Yamaha Professional Cornet

This new Neo cornet with it's heavy wall and gold-brass leadpipe produces a dark, rich tone.

The Neo cornet line provides a greater breadth of tonal colors for the ultimate freedom of expression. The use of gold brass for the lead-pipe and main tuning slide give these new cornets a rich, flexible sound and excellent response in the high register. Developed with 3 of the brass band world's most successful cornet players and conductors, these highly expressive cornets bring new musical possibilities to both solo and ensemble performances.


Gold brass has been newly adopted to the part of the tube leading from the leadpipe to the valves, delivering the depth of sound and richness of tonal color that is required for traditional brass bands.

One-piece bell
The one-piece bell provides a wide palette of tonal colors and improved response.

This custom-designed single case features a better fit and provides more protection when transporting your Neo cornet.


Weight Heavy
Bell Diameter 125.5mm (5")
Bore Size 11.90mm (0.469")
Bell Yellow brass
Key Bb
Case CRC-830
Mouthpiece CR-16E(S)
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Availability: In stock