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HD-200 Harmony Director (HD-200) by Yamaha

The new HD-200 Harmony Director is a revolutionary tuning device for teaching intonation by comparative learning.  Unlike traditional tuners that correct one pitch at a time, the HD-200 teaches students to tune the notes within actual chords, helping improve intonation, harmony and overall sound. It features three preset temperaments with 10 instrument voices including paino for accompaniment.  New Figure Sliders control note attack, brilliance and release.  The built-in metronome is programmable and a tap-tempo feature lets you set tempos.


  • 10 voices, including piano for accompaniment
  • 32 Note Polyphony
  • Octave Slider
  • Choose up to 4 octaves
  • Figure Slider
  • Adjust the attack, release and brightness to demonstrate to players the desired tonal image
  • Hold Button
  • Show the differences of harmony changes caused by modifications to pitch and volume


  • Temperaments Selection
  • Switch on Equal, Pure Major or Pure Minor with a single button press
  • Pitch and Volume Adjustment
  • Modify the pitch of each of 12 notes in 0.1 cent increments up to +55 cents
  • Change the volume of each of 12 notes from -15 to +5
  • One Button Transposition to C, B, E & F


  • Up to 6 note subdivisions including quarter note triplet
  • Programmable up to 8 presets
  • Tap Tempo
  • Easily set the tempo using the tap tempo feature
$1,499.99 $1,500.00

Yamaha DCI Used Marching Snare 2018

Used Yamaha SFZ Marching Snare . MS-9314CHBG.  

Chrome Hardware, New Remo Heads, Maple Shell,. Reinforcement Ring. New guts. 


Fixed Shipping cost $20.00. Only 4 available.