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Product Overview

The athletic shoe with a marching band sole
Use in practice and performance!

Designed specifically for high-performance marching, the Xtreme tendon fit wraps around the mid-foot and is secured by the laces for an unmatched support. No other marching shoes provides this much stability and comfort.

The XTreme Tendon Fit in the mid-foot of the shoe provides unmatched support and stability. An extra eyelet on the top of the lace pattern was installed for narrow feet or for marchers who need additional ankle support. The Stabil heel cup provides superior comfort and support. The material is breathable, durable mesh that provides airflow and comfort to marchers, wherever they are. 

***For wide sizes, email 

Medium Sizes: 2.5 – 12.5 (whole & half sizes) plus 13

Women’s Medium Sizes: 4.5 – 14.5 (whole & half sizes) plus 15