Yamaha YTR-8345IIRS Xeno Professional Trumpet

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Fusing high-level craftsmanship with outstanding instrument design and advanced technology, the Yamaha YTR-8345IIRS Xeno is a professional-level trumpet that delivers maximum power and projection. The YTR-8345IIRS's corrosion-resistant Monel valves are housed in an extra-thin valve casing, and its modified branch tube (knuckle) angle facilitates a snappy response and unrestricted playability. This trumpet's large, .462-inch bore elicits a rich, flamboyant timbre; its reversed leadpipe offers smooth resistance and airflow, along with a rich, harmonic-laden tone. You also get a 1-piece, 4-7/8-inch, yellow brass bell with an annealed design for powerful tone and amazing upper-register playability. Fine-tuning the YTR-8345IIRS's blowing resistance is a piece of cake, thanks to this horn's first slide button. What's more, its silver-plated brass body lends a brilliant sheen to every note you play. If you're searching for a heavyweight, high-performance horn for symphonic, jazz ensemble, or commercial applications, fortify your brass arsenal with the Yamaha YTR-8345IIRS Xeno.